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      Welcome to Haoxin!

      Hot Line0534-3618666 3866088

      01、Excellent quality and credibility
      Always provide "efficient, fast, high quality, comprehensive" pre-sales, after-sales service as our factory's business characteristics.
      02、Products only professional wire
      The main processing of the factory is 45#-70#, 65Mn spring wire, 77b-82b prestressed wire, 30MnSi wire mesh wire, Q195, Q235 low carbon cold wire and other products.
      03、Low cost, high cost performance
      While ensuring the quality, the cost is reduced to the extreme, so that users can buy satisfaction with ease.
      04、Enquiry hotline
      24-hour online service to provide customers with satisfactory products and solutions.
      Tel:0534-3618666 3866088

      Haoxin metal products co. LTD.Focus on wire manufacturing only.

      HaoXin metal products co., LTD is located in shandong province dezhou qingyun hongyun economic and technological development zone, here a beautiful environment, convenient transportation, the factory main processing to produce 45 # - 70 #, 65 mn spring steel wire, 77 b - 82 - b prestressed steel wire screen mesh, 30 mnsi steel wire, Q195, Q235 low carbon cold call silk and other products. This factory take other People-oriented, faithful and trustworthy, pragmatic hard work, pioneering and innovative. Management concept, sales income, pay taxes increased steadily year by year, achieved good ec......【More】